Definition of panicle in English:



  • A loose branching cluster of flowers, as in oats.

    • ‘As seeds ripened during the course of the experiment, the inflorescences were harvested by clipping the main stalk of each flowering culm just below the lowermost panicle branch.’
    • ‘Each plant forms a clump of delicate fern-like, light green foliage from which emerge arching, pyramid-shaped branching panicles of tiny flowers that give a soft feathery appearance to the plant.’
    • ‘The deciduous dark green leaves have a white underside and panicles of purple flowers in summer are followed by unpalatable black fruit.’
    • ‘Its fine, ferny foliage smells of aniseed when crushed, and the panicles of seed heads last through until the autumn when the finches will eat them.’
    • ‘It is a shrub or small tree with simple, alternate, unlobed leaves, panicles of white flowers in the spring, and bright blue drupes in the late summer and early fall.’
    • ‘However, position of the flower within the panicle correlated with time of anthesis and gender.’
    • ‘There are three general flower forms: small white flowers in panicles or loose and irregular spreading clusters; bell or urn-shaped flowers; and flat or open flowers.’
    • ‘More than four panicles were examined per pot.’
    • ‘In the same panicle, anthesis occurs from the middle position toward both apical and basal ends.’
    • ‘Flowering date was marked by emergence of the first panicle from the leaf sheath.’
    bunch, clump, collection, mass, knot, group, clutch, bundle, nest
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Late 16th century: from Latin panicula, diminutive of panus ‘ear of millet’ (see panic).