Definition of panicky in English:



  • Feeling or characterized by uncontrollable fear or anxiety.

    ‘I started to feel panicky and breathless’
    ‘he's getting increasingly panicky over the lack of cash’
    • ‘Players frequently get panicky when they're betting more than their bankroll really allows.’
    • ‘The room was filled with the voices of the panicky technicians.’
    • ‘Now, now, don't get all panicky on me.’
    • ‘The woman who owns the corporation displays her jealous, panicky fear of a younger rival.’
    • ‘Buckshot disturbed the river's surface like panicky shoals of fish.’
    • ‘The government intervened to end an illegal strike that had sparked a panicky run on the country's fifth-largest bank.’
    • ‘What she never loses sight of is the emotional reality of the situation or the panicky imperatives of war.’
    • ‘Afraid he would fall, he scrambled panicky onto the wall's top.’
    • ‘Investors were getting jittery, and some were downright panicky.’
    • ‘He had now gone from vaguely panicky to upset.’