Definition of panic room in English:

panic room


  • A secret room in a house or other building that is designed to be invulnerable to attack or intrusion.

    Also called "safe room"
    • ‘One massive New York brownstone has the ultimate selling point - a panic room.’
    • ‘What she doesn't know is what the burglars are after is also in the panic room.’
    • ‘Unluckily, the booty the baddies are after is hidden within the so-called panic room.’
    • ‘The man who constructed the panic room, he may be the only one who recognizes its weaknesses.’
    • ‘The panic room has a four-inch straight pipe leading right to the outside world.’
    • ‘He designed and built the panic room.’
    • ‘The house itself becomes a trap, the panic room turning into a dead end instead of a safety net.’
    • ‘Tracy suggested a panic room.’
    • ‘And if you buy one of these houses that have these elaborate systems, you would inherit this panic room.’
    • ‘And he was asphyxiated in what was virtually a panic room.’
    • ‘The master bedroom is equipped with a steel-fortified, video-monitor filled, self-contained sanctuary called (ta-da!) a panic room.’
    • ‘Aside of being spacious living quarters (with an elevator and multiple floors), their home also includes a "panic room."’
    • ‘From armoured cars and body armour to bodyguards and homes fitted with " panic rooms ", no expense is spared to protect billionaires and their families.’
    • ‘We become intimately familiar with the panic room, the stairs and the kitchen.’
    • ‘Stay afraid, keep your kids indoors, hoard that food, install your panic rooms and buy like there's no tomorrow.’
    • ‘If there's a message to this movie, it's don't get a panic room because paranoia is not a good idea.’
    • ‘As it turns out, their presence in the panic room complicates matters for the burglars.’
    • ‘It's an amazing place, with spacious rooms, and elevator, and, most interestingly, a " panic room ".’
    • ‘Meg and Sarah quickly hide in the panic room, but their safety is still in peril.’
    • ‘But just like Meg and Sarah, they need the panic room as well.’