Definition of panic-mongering in English:



  • See panic-monger

    • ‘The ‘toxic substance’ that really poses a serious threat to British society is… officially sponsored panic-mongering.’
    • ‘This is the information we need, rather than facile panic-mongering.’
    • ‘The whole thing proved to be pure panic-mongering.’
    • ‘The government was terrified of panic, and over the last few months I didn't want to be accused of panic-mongering, so we lowered our campaign.’
    • ‘But despite the panic-mongering, this is still America, and we still have checks and balances.’
    • ‘Keeping hold of justice and humanity gets harder in the face of this panic-mongering from the right.’
    • ‘Before participating in what might be politically motivated panic-mongering, the media should actually read the report.’