Definition of panga in English:



  • A bladed African tool like a machete.

    • ‘We went down the footpath to her house between a small army of native boys who were cutting the coarse grass with scythes, known in West Africa as pangas.’
    • ‘‘We put our own lives at risk because these boys carry long knives and pangas when they enter the school premises,’ he said.’
    • ‘These will be men who know their way around a panga, the weapon of choice in modern-day Africa, and I would put my life on the line for them.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, five people are battling for their lives after being attacked by two men armed with pangas and knives on Sunday around 03: 00 hours at a new market in Mkushi.’
    • ‘Patice is given a panga, ploughshare, planer, bag of maize, bag of beans and small packets of tomato, onion, pumpkin and cabbage seed and he puts all of these in a hessian bag.’