Definition of panettone in English:



  • A rich Italian bread made with eggs, fruit, and butter and typically eaten at Christmas.

    mass noun ‘a close relative of panettone’
    count noun ‘a panettone in the shape of a turkey’
    • ‘Now cut the panettone slices into pieces that will fit snugly into the dishes or the tin.’
    • ‘My bread preference is Selkirk bannock, but you can use panettone instead.’
    • ‘The bread and butter pudding here is amazing, especially when made with panettone.’
    • ‘So we finished up our morning coffee, and the last slices of the Christmas panettone, enjoying the delicious yeasty aroma of Italian vanilla, and then hopped on down to the retail park for a top up of the paint supply.’
    • ‘But my all-time favorite is another Italian tale, Tony's Bread, which tells the story of how our family's favorite Christmas Eve dessert, panettone came to be.’


Italian, from panetto ‘cake’, diminutive of pane ‘bread’ (from Latin panis ‘bread’).