Definition of panel van in English:

panel van


NZ, South African, Australian
  • A small van, especially one without windows and passenger seats.

    • ‘A man driving a panel van shouted at the policeman.’
    • ‘This is supposedly a white panel van, which means there are windows only at the driver's seat and passenger seat in the front seat.’
    • ‘Police are keen to speak to witnesses to the accident which involved a Citroen panel van and another small van.’
    • ‘Like a faithful blue heeler, who waits patiently for his surfer-master in the front seat of the panel van, the car remains an attribute of Aussie masculinity.’
    • ‘The plan is in full swing to have bought a panel van by August at the latest, preferably more like June, so I can flee north for the winter and spend some time travelling Oz in a car like every good Aussie should.’
    • ‘One wonders if in fact the intended hijackers didn't use the barrier of oncoming traffic to hem in the panel van and force it to stop.’
    • ‘A young couple were threatened by the driver of a white panel van in a road rage incident in Egham, on Friday last week.’
    • ‘The back of a panel van folded domestic space into the space and freedoms of automobility.’