Definition of panel beating in English:

panel beating


mass nounBritish
  • The action of beating the bodywork of motor vehicles into shape.

    ‘I had the car in for some panel beating’
    • ‘Small entrepreneurs have also set up panel-beating business on the street around the corner from a local spares shop.’
    • ‘For a small rental fee of 20 quid we'll permit you to use our rubber panelbeating hammer.’
    • ‘The mechanic complements the spray booth service with both panel beating and detailing, and he provides both pick-up and delivery of all vehicles.’
    • ‘Her son is doing workplace experience with a panel-beating company.’
    • ‘My sons used to have a factory doing the panelbeating and spraying.’
    • ‘He studies hard at school and next year he will start a panelbeating apprenticeship.’
    • ‘Her panel beating attempt had removed the dent.’
    • ‘Damage was done to the front and rear windows of a car that will also need panel beating.’
    • ‘The maintenance crew have carried out a wide variety of works for the Ambulance Service, from panel beating and engine repairs to rewiring electrical systems.’
    • ‘The truck, which was extensively damaged, had been at the service centre for panel beating after it had hit a cow.’