Definition of panel beater in English:

panel beater


  • A person whose job is to beat out the bodywork of motor vehicles.

    • ‘Russell, a former Huntington School pupil, was an apprentice panel beater at Leedhams, York.’
    • ‘I just remember how lonely and isolated I became, " the retired panel beater explained.’
    • ‘The story goes that a panel beater built the little car - complete with cut-down steering wheel, child sized leather clad seats, speedometer and rev counter, and teeny wheels - for his kids.’
    • ‘Poisonous waste produced by panel beaters, hospitals and large industrial companies was dumped there.’
    • ‘Mr Sutcliffe originally came from Todmorden and trained as a panel beater when he came to Rochdale before setting up his own business.’
    • ‘For the following two years he worked as a panel beater.’
    • ‘The former panel beater from Swindon was champion jockey seven times and was renowned for his graceful riding style and superb horsemanship.’
    • ‘Detectives have made extensive inquiries with panel beaters and mechanics, she said, but not a single vehicle matching that description could be located.’
    • ‘I worked as a panel beater, spray painter and did a stint in engineering before I took the plunge into college life.’
    • ‘We need mechanics, panel beaters, auto electricians, trimmers, air conditioning mechanics, etc.’
    • ‘His final explanation for the hoard was that the money came from his wages as a mechanic and panel beater.’
    • ‘Some yards in the Berea / Hillbrow / Yeoville area are used as makeshift workshops for mechanics and panel beaters.’
    • ‘Owners of livestock, rabbits, pet shops, dangerous wild animals, panel beaters, scrap yards, hairdressers, nursing homes and crèches must apply for permits to engage in their trade.’
    • ‘I have spent this week dealing with insurance companies, lawyers, panel beaters, etc, all around my normal working hours.’
    • ‘The old Sligo family called Crosse were master coach builders and one of them, Denny, a talented panel beater designed the body.’
    • ‘Local roofers, glazers and panel beaters are all still busy repairing the damage done to cars, windows, solar panels, roofs and gutters.’
    • ‘Blinded and disorientated, Ross was then punched and hit with a panel beater's hammer before he was stabbed in the chest and neck.’


panel beater