Definition of paneer in English:


(also panir)


mass noun
  • A type of milk curd cheese used in Indian, Iranian, and Afghan cooking.

    • ‘These include walnuts, almonds, coconut, sweet juicy, seasonal fruit such as pears, apples (cooked if possible), milk, and fresh cheeses such as panir or ricotta.’
    • ‘Of course my veggie friends dabbled in such things like Cheese Tacos and grilled paneer and things like that.’
    • ‘The general liking for milk products such as ghee, yoghurt, and panir is a prominent feature.’
    • ‘There's the classic margherita, an Indian twist with paneer and pineapple and make-your-own topping choices as well.’
    • ‘Indians don't seem to believe in one percent milk at all, and don't realize that the ready-made paneer they buy in Indian stores is made of whole milk, which is loaded with fat calories.’


From Hindi or Persian panīr ‘cheese’.