Definition of pandect in English:



  • 1A complete body of the laws of a country.

    • ‘Its chief products included one-volume bibles (pandects) specifically made for export to other centres, thus disseminating the elegant Tours script and decorated initials.’
    • ‘They indifferently accepted the German Pandect law as the common law of Germany.’
    • ‘To say Latin ‘Bible’ is to mis-speak because pandects or works with all of the biblical books gathered together in one place were rare.’
    • ‘Although other centres such as Lorsch, Micy, and Metz also produced single-volume pandects, it was more usual for individual books or groups of books of the Bible to be copied.’
    • ‘These new pandects were authorized and signed by eleven peers, twenty-five general officers, and fifty superior officers.’
    1. 1.1usually the Pandects A compendium in 50 books of the Roman civil law made by order of Justinian in the 6th century.
      • ‘This year of 1147 is one to be remembered, because from that time forward the Pandects have been open to the writers and the jurists of the world.’
      • ‘Yet even in England the principles of the Code and the Pandects made silent conquests.’


Mid 16th century: from French pandecte, from Latin pandecta, from Greek pandektēs ‘all-receiver’, from pan ‘all’ + dektēs (from dekhesthai ‘receive’).