Definition of panda eyes in English:

panda eyes

plural noun

  • An effect created by mascara or other eye make-up that has smudged, leaving dark marks beneath the eyes.

    ‘you can avoid panda eyes and streaky cheeks with waterproof products’
    • ‘As we were exposed to the elements much more than usual, makeup verged on impractical, as a friend who went off on a hike and returned with streaming panda eyes attested.’
    • ‘Panda eyes are a big no-no for your wedding day, so a good waterproof mascara is a must-have for both the bride and bridal party.’
    • ‘The make-up remover combines cleansing oil and hydrating water to banish panda eyes.’
    • ‘Waterproof formulas survive the pool but give me panda eyes by day's end.’
    • ‘Getting your eyelashes dyed will dispense with all the problems associated with mascara—clumpy lashes, panda eyes and inadvertent poking.’
    • ‘Don't worry about panda eyes the day after the night before; it's totally smudge-proof.’
    • ‘Avoid overdone eyeliner and panda eyes.’
    • ‘Gone was the impeccable make-up and pristine coiffures, replaced by bed hair and panda eyes.’
    • ‘I'll usually wash my make-up off to go in the pool though as panda eyes are a bit odd looking!’
    • ‘When most of us emerge from the shower, we're usually a bedraggled mess of panda eyes and rouged cheeks.’


1960s: from the supposed resemblance to the colouration of a panda's face.