Definition of panda car in English:

panda car


  • A small police patrol car (originally black and white or blue and white).

    • ‘It's so grey in London town, with a panda car crawling around’
    • ‘However, it still takes a year for them to be trusted with the keys to the panda cars.’
    • ‘I recently saw a police officer driving alone in a panda car using the walkie-talkie.’
    • ‘One minute later we were bundled into a panda car.’
    • ‘Even if every available officer was sent out in a panda car, the odds of a patrolling policeman coming across a village post office raid in England's biggest county is next to nil.’
    • ‘There's never a camera or a panda car in sight when this happens.’
    • ‘Eventually they moved in an uncomfortable shuffle to the panda car, telling the friend, by now released, that they were taking him to Ilford.’
    • ‘Police are to get out of their panda cars and onto public transport in a new drive to cut crime and the fear of crime on buses, trains and in taxis.’
    • ‘He reached the field, and pulled in behind a panda car on the verge opposite the gate, he couldn't believe what he saw - it looked as if a plane had crash landed in the campsite.’
    • ‘It was at that instant that the panda car bumped into mine.’


panda car