Definition of pancetta in English:



mass noun
  • Italian cured belly of pork.

    • ‘Today, use such cured meats as ham, prosciutto, bacon, and pancetta for the hints of salt, nuts, and spice that curing imparts.’
    • ‘My favourite piece of meat for this recipe is a good chunk of salt belly or pancetta with the skin still on.’
    • ‘These pancetta and capers crostini were one of the two ‘bar course’ items I served on Saturday night.’
    • ‘We had them fried in bacon fat the other night, with some garlic croutons and pancetta piled on top of some soft, green chicory leaves.’
    • ‘The menu is filled with stylish comfort foods like liver and onions, wood-smoked pork chops, and shell steak smothered in crisps of pancetta.’
    • ‘Add the hot, drained pasta to the sausage and pancetta over medium heat, tossing until well-coated.’
    • ‘I would seal them in hot fat, wrap each bird in fatty bacon or pancetta and roast till tender.’
    • ‘The Italian pancetta and the Spanish tocino are both usually unsmoked; when smoked, the name ‘bacon’ is often used in either language.’
    • ‘Then, in a glass bowl, mix the ground pancetta and prosciutto with the ground Italian sausage.’
    • ‘Speck is smoke and herb cured and more closely resembles Prosciutto Crudo than regular pancetta.’


Italian, diminutive of pancio ‘belly’.