Definition of panatella in English:



  • A long thin cigar.

    • ‘Cake and coffee finished, she pulled out a long slim panatella, lit up and smoked it full down, all the while watching the street scene through darkened glasses.’
    • ‘Light another panatella, and get on the your horse, we have a race to win.’
    • ‘My strange - and remarkably lifelike - mental movie reel is still whirring as she stubs out her slim panatella and draws the story to a close.’
    • ‘After a lot of perfunctory goodbyes, and Cess waving to the bus as it pulled away while dabbing at his eyes with a hanky, Brownlegg beckoned everyone to the backseat while he had a sly smoke of his panatella.’
    • ‘That first handful of novels, slim as panatellas, are testament to that.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin American Spanish panatela, denoting a long thin biscuit, from Italian panatello ‘small loaf’, diminutive of panata.