Definition of pan loaf in English:

pan loaf


Irish, Scottish
  • A loaf baked in a pan or tin.

    • ‘And don't even consider making Melba toast unless you have something better to work with than industrial pan loaf.’
    • ‘Practically any bread can be used, from the simple white pan loaf to more ‘exotic’ breads like a ciabatta.’
    • ‘They also turned out brown bread loaves and a biscuit loaf too, but it was that white pan loaf that took favour over all other loaves of bread.’
    • ‘These confections were the stuff of dreams then, being a rarity in any ordinary household and only afforded on very special occasions. For us, the unsliced plain loaf with no wrapper and, once in a while, the softer pan loaf.’
    • ‘Cait is presently looking for help to cut the pan loaves and make the sandwiches.’