Definition of paltriness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɒltrɪnəs//ˈpɔːltrɪnəs/


  • See paltry

    • ‘Perhaps it's just that the power of the wind and rain remind me of the paltriness of the original irritation but I never fail to feel renewed by such weather.’
    • ‘And in several cases, art that lives more in the mind than in the flesh suffers from the relative paltriness of the examples on view.’
    • ‘The majority remain serenely intransigent about taking on serious commitments while berating the minority for the paltriness of their sacrifice.’
    • ‘What will console us for life's ultimate paltriness?’
    • ‘This result reflects the ruling arbitrariness in labour relations and the paltriness of the unions as counterpart to the State as employer.’