Definition of palpebral in English:



  • Relating to the eyelids.

    • ‘The palpebral lobe is semicircular, the eye surface in dorsal view is curved through 180 degrees, and convex in the vertical direction.’
    • ‘Broad fixigena is slightly narrower than glabella and is steeply upsloping, so that palpebral lobe is elevated above crest of anterior end of glabella.’
    • ‘The lack of palpebral lobes and facial sutures on the poorly preserved Massachusetts specimens is evident.’
    • ‘The diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome is partly based on craniofacial features which include microcephaly, telecanthus, narrow palpebral fissures, thin lips and a flat philtrum, with or without cleft lip or palate.’
    • ‘The anterior border and preocular areas extend laterally farther beyond the sides of the glabella, and are clearly visible in the palpebral view.’
    • ‘The posterior section of the facial suture extends outwards from the base of the palpebral lobe, in contrast to the anterior branch that is more sagittally oriented.’
    • ‘Steeply inclined palpebral lobe is located opposite anterior half of glabella.’
    • ‘The material was collected from the palpebral conjunctival surface using a sterile cotton tipped swab.’
    • ‘Posterior border moderately wide and distinctly convex, tapers slightly toward axial furrow, with low node-like swelling posterior to end of the palpebral lobe where it markedly curves ventrally.’
    • ‘The ‘dynamic’ procedures of gold weight implantation and palpebral spring are more successful in reanimation of the upper lid.’


Mid 19th century: from late Latin palpebralis, from Latin palpebra ‘eyelid’.