Definition of palomino in English:



  • 1A pale golden or tan-coloured horse or pony with a white mane and tail, originally bred in the south-western US.

    • ‘Some were white, like Mystic, then there were ones that were black, chestnut, some were like palominos, and others were gray.’
    • ‘Charlie left town on his roan with the palomino and a donkey laden down with supplies.’
    • ‘She jumped onto the palomino horse's back, clicking softly to it.’
    • ‘He started breeding his own horses and combined his penchant for the palomino coloring with his choice of horse breeds.’
    • ‘Lucas watched Dairkenneth gently lift her by the waist onto a palomino that was standing by a brown horse.’
    • ‘The horse was a beautiful palomino, part Arab, golden body, silver mane and tail and eye catching white markings on the legs and face.’
    • ‘He was a palomino with a golden coat, a white blaze, four white stockings, and a cream mane and tail.’
    • ‘Carys, the other mare, was a palomino, so light in color she was almost white.’
    • ‘A palomino mare stood beside her, her creamy mane and tail braided with a pale blue that matched her companion's eyes.’
    • ‘The palomino horse was breathing heavily with all the running, and he deserved rest.’
    • ‘She yelled, descending down the steps of the caravan, grabbing the reins of Yew, the palomino horse, who was snorting and stamping nervously.’
    • ‘A man sat atop of a magnificent palomino stallion, the stallion's mane blowing in the new morning's wind.’
    • ‘They were grooming a palomino, quiffing up his mane and tying it with a red ribbon.’
    • ‘A 14-year-old palomino gelding died after it was charged by a stallion while the horses were being unloaded from a train.’
    • ‘That the palomino was a mare was blatant enough, though she couldn't have pointed to one specific thing.’
    • ‘So when it came time to teach Penny, my palomino Quarter horse filly, how to neck rein, I turned to Patty for some advice.’
    • ‘He let out a piercing whistle, and a marvelously colored palomino stepped out from the trees.’
    • ‘Like any event where you get a mixture of breeds, there were paints, sorrels, bays and palominos… almost anything you could want!’
    • ‘And no one noticed a dainty palomino and a fierce black stallion riding away into the darkness…’
    • ‘Arabs were the most beautiful, especially palominos, with golden bodies and silver hair,’
    1. 1.1mass noun A pale golden-brown colour.
      • ‘They perfectly resembled a horse's, and they were of palomino coloring.’
      • ‘This can be made in any natural cowhide colors including, two tone, black & white, zebra, palomino or any dyed colors.’
      • ‘The attractive Palomino color provides the elegance of a sculptured casting.’
  • 2mass noun A variety of white grape used to make sherry and fortified wines.

    • ‘Palomino is a white grape widely grown in Spain and South Africa, and best known for its use in the manufacture of sherry.’
    • ‘Best known to sherry producers in the Jerez region of Spain, Palomino seems to struggle when planted outside of that country.’


Early 20th century: from Latin American Spanish, from Spanish palomino ‘young pigeon’, from Latin palumbinus ‘resembling a dove’.