Definition of palmy in English:



  • 1(especially of a previous period) flourishing or successful.

    ‘the palmy days of the 1970s’
    • ‘The president failed to implement tax cuts during the palmy days: now his prodigality will force him to impose tax increases.’
    • ‘The program ended with the return of the artist's final masterpiece, created just eighteen months before his premature death in 1973, and redolent of his troupe's young and palmy days.’
    • ‘The palmy days of self-sustained, endless growth seemed to have gone for ever.’
    • ‘The recently restored structure, now called Alumni Hall, commands the north side of Court Street, a splendid symbol of the village's palmy years.’
    • ‘So let us assume somebody's brother-in-law showed up one day in the palmy pre-sound days of Hollywood, and his brother-in-law, a power on the lot or on the set, said: ‘People, this is Bob, and he is a producer.’’
    • ‘That impresario in his palmy days was once faced with a press complaining vociferously that too many of the new American plays he was energetically producing were clinkers.’
    • ‘There was more than one (perhaps as many as three) little pianos over the years at Russell Square - in his palmy days, old Sedley was certainly rich and doting enough to shower his daughter with expensive luxuries.’
    happy, fortunate, glorious, prosperous, halcyon, golden, flourishing, successful, thriving, rosy, roaring, booming, triumphant
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  • 2Covered with palms.

    ‘a conference centre set among palmy trails’
    • ‘Add to this, the louvres, languid fans and wired-for-everything suites; then the palmy gardens, pools and occasional princes - plus a personal butler for each guest.’
    • ‘Community business was often conducted on the all-sand eighteen-hole golf course, with the Giza Pyramids and the palmy Nile as a backdrop.’
    • ‘Both have palmy trees and sunny places in the south; both have balmy people and shady characters in the north.’
    • ‘Your great indoors (plenty of marble, golden teak and a ripping sound system) open out to even greater domains of palmy glades and views of floating islands.’
    • ‘Instead we are moving the mail over distances of hundreds of miles - over jungled mountains and high palmy savannahs - using high-frequency radio.’
    • ‘Readers of the narrative came from all over the world and from all walks of life to meet the man and stay at his palmy resort.’