Definition of palmarosa in English:



mass noun
  • 1A fragrant tropical Indian grass related to citronella and lemongrass.

    Cymbopogon martinii, family Gramineae

    • ‘Many herbs, including palmarosa, are used in natural remedies harnessing the power of herbal material.’
    • ‘The total oil yield of palmarosa increased by 22.6%.’
    1. 1.1 The essential oil obtained from palmarosa, used in perfumery and aromatherapy.
      • ‘Palmarosa may help to boost cellular regeneration in the skin, which may help smooth wrinkles and may even tone up crepey skin on the neck.’
      • ‘Use Palmarosa pure essential oil to treat dry skin, acne and wrinkles.’
      • ‘The essential oils of palmarosa, jasmine, sandalwood, and orange blossom hydrate the face to help hold in natural moisture.’
      • ‘Add five drops of an essential oil that benefits the complexion, such as lavender, geranium, or palmarosa.’
      • ‘Bring moisture to dry skin-using essential oils of palmarosa, rosewood or sandalwood.’


Late 19th century: from Italian, literally ‘rose palm’.