Definition of palm wine in English:

palm wine


mass noun
  • An alcoholic drink made from fermented palm sap.

    • ‘Many families will serve one of several local alcoholic beverages such as palm wine, grain alcohol, rum, or beer.’
    • ‘They climbed trees to tap palm wine or fermented grain beers from harvest surpluses.’
    • ‘Nigerians in the coastal regions drink palm wine and locally brewed beer.’
    • ‘Traditionally palm wine was produced in the south, while millet beer was brewed and consumed by the northern peoples.’
    • ‘Favorite drinks among the villagers include palm wine and home-brewed beer.’
    • ‘When the guests had sat down and been given a drink of palm wine, the ceremony began.’
    • ‘As these items are costly, most people can only afford local beverages such as maize beer and palm wine.’
    • ‘Beverages include palm wine and alcoholic drinks made from cassava.’
    • ‘Traditional beer and palm wine is brewed for these special occasions, which usually involve singing and dancing.’
    • ‘They offered him palm wine and he drank too much and fell asleep.’