Definition of palm something off in English:

palm something off

phrasal verb

  • Sell or dispose of something by misrepresentation or fraud.

    ‘unscrupulous businessmen may palm off their property to the buyers without proper papers’
    • ‘The real affront is why insincere kids books are being palmed off on adults.’
    • ‘This kind of body modification is so severe that it is hard to just palm it off as an attention getting gimmick.’
    • ‘And as long as you palm it off to someone you can trust it's OK.’
    • ‘In the weeks that followed, the baby was palmed off to family, friends and neighbours.’
    • ‘This resolute need to see nothing but disaster and clouds is common enough within the expected circles even despite items that cannot be easily palmed off.’
    • ‘Everyone is therefore keen on palming it off as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘Much of his visual composition pays homage to the genre, without watering it down, or palming it off as pastiche.’
    • ‘Years of accumulated detritus and geegaws have been successfully palmed off onto relatives and neighbours.’
    • ‘The Italian authorities then tried to palm the matter off on a new European Union member, Malta.’
    • ‘I realised I could probably try to palm it off to some people around my old working area.’
    foist, fob off, offload, get rid of, dispose of
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