Definition of palm reader in English:

palm reader


  • A person who is supposedly able to predict someone's future by interpreting the lines on the palms of their hands.

    ‘a palm reader told her she would have two children’
    • ‘In his mentalist act, Steiner pretends he's an astrologer, a tarot card reader, a palm reader, or a psychic.’
    • ‘There were wandering minstrels, jugglers, palm readers, and artisans selling every kind of homemade item you could think of.’
    • ‘The key to a successful cold reading is the willingness, ability, and effort of the client to find meaning and significance in the words of the psychic, astrologer, palm reader, medium, or the like.’
    • ‘Sister Charlotte, a crystal ball, tarot card and palm reader, claimed to be able to solve problems in love, marriage, business, exams and even immigration.’
    • ‘"The palm reader said my husband would leave me."’
    • ‘When her daughter wishes to marry Lord Arthur Savile, she hires palm reader Mr Podger to see what his Lordship's future holds.’
    • ‘If a palm reader or soothsayer had collared me and told me what was to come, I would have giggled into their faces.’
    • ‘We are all familiar with the palm readers who can tell how long you will live by the length of the life-line on your hand.’
    • ‘He begins to question his raison d'être when an amateur palm reader tells him he has "murderer's thumb."’
    • ‘In her extended commune with mediums, stage psychics, hypnotists, Tarot readers, mentalists, magicians, Indian swamis and palm readers, she became desperate for a Delphic moment of illumination.’