Definition of palm-reading in English:



mass noun
  • The art or practice of supposedly interpreting a person's character or predicting their future by examining the palm of their hand.

    • ‘The temples are run like mini theme parks where faux monks are more interested in asking visitors to part with cash for trinkets and palm-reading.’
    • ‘Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and Babylonians have also been hailed as the originators of palm-reading.’
    • ‘Within months of my entry into palm reading, I became a staunch believer in its validity.’
    • ‘I really wish my mother hadn't told me that Bharat had enquired as to whether I was single before our palm-reading session.’
    • ‘I gradually added tricks such as palm reading and was bowled over by how people reacted, amazed at my accuracy.’
    • ‘While in high school, Hyman was originally doubtful about the validity of palm reading.’
    • ‘This sobering experience persuaded him that the "success" of palm reading had nothing to do with the correctness of the interpretations.’
    • ‘While mentioning a couple of criticisms of palm reading, the article is essentially uncritical.’
    • ‘She claimed to able to diagnose medical conditions by palm-reading.’
    • ‘The city is one of North America's premier New Age meccas, with dozens of crystal emporiums, palm-reading parlors, and overpriced bed and breakfasts lining what is one of the tackiest main streets in the country.’
    fortune telling, clairvoyancy, chiromancy
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