Definition of palletize in English:


(British palletise)


[with object]usually as adjective palletized
  • Place, stack, or transport (goods) on a pallet or pallets.

    ‘a roller system for quick movement of palletized cargo’
    • ‘Anything that is palletized is fair game for us.’
    • ‘The assemblies are color coded and include field placement drawings identifying their location in the structure, palletized by location, and can be shipped along with post-tensioning materials.’
    • ‘It can accommodate 25 pinwheeled pallets and allows the potential for 10 to 15 percent more palletized cargo than standard intermodal containers.’
    • ‘After about four hours, product exits the freeze tunnel and is palletized.’
    • ‘Product is palletized and moved over rollers and stored in one of the facility's freezers at - 18 degrees F.’
    • ‘The items were palletized, and all the pallets were tied down to the trailer for the move, but all the pallets were not properly banded.’
    • ‘Blocks are palletized, shrinkwrapped, bar-coded and placed in cold storage.’
    • ‘Wrapped ice cream bars are manually packed into boxes that move through a shrinkwrapping tunnel before being palletized and shipped.’
    • ‘The system also handles palletized product so cases of fluid product and palletized loads of corrugated product can be handled within the same system.’
    • ‘Cased product is palletized manually, with the pallet pattern determined by the individual product.’
    • ‘Each case is checkweighed, the bag is folded and the case is weighed again and sealed before passing through a final metal detector before heading off to be palletized.’
    • ‘According to Maxwell, the current trend in warehouse automation in the dairy industry is palletized and unitized storage and loading.’
    • ‘The lines converge at their ends, where a complete set of seats is palletized and put on a rack for shipment.’