Definition of pallet truck in English:

pallet truck


  • A vehicle or wheeled device for lifting and carrying pallets.

    ‘a hand-operated pallet truck’
    • ‘A level of physical fitness is required to operate pallet trucks and lift boxed stock up to 12kg.’
    • ‘The blaze damaged a large amount of paper filters and an electric pallet truck.’
    • ‘I talked to the pallet truck driver.’
    • ‘I continued my work in a daze, making little mistakes and bumping my pallet truck into things.’
    • ‘The locomotive will be lifted onto a steel pallet and moved to the shutter doors of the Great Hall on pallet trucks.’
    • ‘He had seen a near miss and had a bump with a forklift while using a pallet truck, which had led to lines being drawn to segregate pedestrians.’
    • ‘Noise levels of up to 108 dB have been measured, arising from the impact between pallet truck wheels and deck surface ridges.’
    • ‘The unit fell over as it was being moved onto a pallet truck and pinned the worker underneath, prompting an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive.’
    • ‘His job was to move the materials to the calenders on a pallet truck or hand trolley.’
    • ‘For maximum control, a hand pallet truck should be fitted with a rubber steering wheel and a manual brake.’