Definition of Palladian in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the neoclassical style of Andrea Palladio, in particular with reference to the phase of English architecture from c.1715, when there was a revival of interest in Palladio and his English follower, Inigo Jones, and a reaction against the baroque.

    • ‘At this time, the Palladian style was enjoying something of a revival and Ware extended the suite of rooms with a reverential nod towards the original designer.’
    • ‘As patron to numerous architects, he revived the pure Palladian style of Inigo Jones and almost bankrupted himself in the process.’
    • ‘By now the taste for Rococo decoration in Britain had been brushed aside in the face of the new-found fashion for Palladian architecture.’
    • ‘Even window glazing bars, elements that do so much to give the detailed scale of Palladian and Neo-Classical architecture, were usually omitted from elevation drawings.’
    • ‘NEW research has linked work which transformed Lydiard Mansion to Palladian revival architect Roger Morris.’