Definition of palingenetic in English:



  • See palingenesis

    • ‘Like other palingenetic movements, Strapaese did not condemn modernism and modernity outright but, as Braun argues, wished to reconcile aspects of modern technology and avant-gardism with adherence to tradition.’
    • ‘Agreeing on the fact that ‘change could not come about by waiting for economic laws to ‘bring about palingenetic events’ ‘, Gramsci strongly advocated a voluntarist approach to politics.’’
    • ‘‘Alterations or distortions of the original palingenetic course of development’ Haeckel called ‘caenogenesis.’’
    • ‘The truck's role as principal protagonist in both the revolutionary violence and its productivist aftermath confirmed its mythic significance in this overtly palingenetic narrative.’
    • ‘Mazzini thought Italy's unity could be fostered only through ‘a collective palingenetic experience,’ by undergoing a process of ‘struggle, sacrifice, and martyrdom’ comparable to a religious transformation.’