Definition of paling in English:



  • 1A fence made from pointed wooden or metal posts.

    • ‘The post and wire fence at the end of the road needed attention - in the long term, a hedge, wooden paling or stone wall would be attractive if a replacement is considered.’
    • ‘We cross the threshold of the paling, pass beyond the encircling reach of timber walls.’
    • ‘He also replaced the chestnut paling with a chain link fence supported by steel posts concreted into the ground and covered to 1/3 of its height by wooden boarding.’
    • ‘When the shrubs and flowers which have been planted on the slope between the stream and the new paling in front of the houses of Valley View it should be one of the finest approach roads in the county.’
    • ‘By employing wooden palings, building channels to divert rainwater and cultivating indigenous vegetation, the engineers claim to have demonstrated that Mother Nature can be nursed with ‘ecological therapy.’’
    barrier, railing, rail, bar, hurdle, enclosure
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    1. 1.1 A post used in a paling.
      • ‘The house, approached by a set of steps, stands behind a fence with iron palings and brick columns flanking an ‘eyeglass’ gate.’
      • ‘When she saw him, Miss Trotwood was painfully affected: she shivered, held on to the palings, wept, and ‘gave him money’.’
      • ‘Some tenants had asked for an old chestnut paling fence that once surrounded the gardens to be replaced.’
      • ‘One minute Mick is sitting with us, the next minute he's up and pulling the palings off the back fence.’
      • ‘(In my early days of settlement, Arthur did just that, bashing weak palings in with his head, the better to check there were no cats in the great beyond).’
      • ‘This clearfell destruction will produce 3,000 cubic metres of sawlogs, most to be used to make pallets and fence palings, and 4,000 cubic metres of trees to be wood chipped and shipped to Japan to be made into paper products.’
      • ‘The set and lighting is spectacular, complete with a retractable paling fence that is raised to reveal a five-piece band doubling as the noisy neighbours.’
      • ‘One of the book's more preposterous claims is that ‘20,000 marchers tore palings from a Methodist Church fence and ran amok’ in the riots of April 1932.’
      • ‘Apparently a party is when total strangers crazed on drugs and booze turn up and rip out your fence palings.’
      • ‘Inside the bounding ditch might be a paling fence, or a live hedge, or a stone wall.’
      • ‘Some were working outside a thick palisade of wooden palings which ran circling outside the buildings.’
      • ‘None of the broken fence palings were really long enough to reach across the gap any more, but after two or three minutes of backbreaking work, I constructed this.’
      • ‘The sugar mill has recently lodged an application with Richmond Valley Council to erect a 2.4m high paling fence around the mill owned manager's residence in Broadwater.’
      • ‘The gang followed a man home, called him outside and beat him with fence palings.’
      • ‘Conversations with the neighbours suggest that some of the palings on my boundary could be between fifty and sixty years old, and we have replaced most of them since I moved in.’
      • ‘Many of the stores have a courtyard at the back and a look through the dusty wooden palings of the doors reveals the street to be almost like a business convention some of the time.’
      • ‘It's those minutes between when the victim was first spotted by police riding his bicycle, and subsequently found with fence palings through his neck that this inquest is concentrating on.’
      • ‘Playground equipment was burned, 10 metre high eucalypts cut down or ringbarked, saplings hacked down with a machete, bolted-down bench palings smashed, seats rocked from their concrete bases and taps kicked from the ground.’
      pole, stake, upright, shaft, prop, support, picket, strut, pillar, pale, column, piling, standard, stanchion, pylon, stave, rod, newel, baluster, jamb, bollard, mast
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