Definition of pale ale in English:

pale ale


mass noun
  • A type of light-coloured beer similar to bitter.

    ‘two bottles of pale ale was my limit’
    count noun ‘there are a few pale ales to choose from’
    • ‘This is the brewery's renowned classic pale ale, which has won more awards than any other English beer.’
    • ‘Belgian pale ales, with their slight spiciness and soft, round palate, will match very nicely, especially if the roast is coated with herbs.’
    • ‘Liz handed him a bottle of pale ale.’
    • ‘My favourite is a wonderfully whiffy, full-flavoured, spicy pale ale.’
    • ‘A classic pale ale would go well with their grilled chicken with fig and blue cheese salad.’
    • ‘Lamb, with its alluring gaminess, will work just fine with English pale ale but will be glad to pair with something showier.’
    • ‘When the chef at the new restaurant served a spicy special like General Tso's chicken or green curry tilapia, diners could choose a bold, hoppy India pale ale to restrain the heat.’
    • ‘He poured a short glass of pale ale for one of two visitors to the brewery's afternoon tour.’
    • ‘The pale ale comes across a little thin and under-hopped.’
    • ‘It's the best part of the day: a crisp pale ale and a book or magazine.’