Definition of palampore in English:



mass nounIndian
  • 1A type of chintz cloth used, especially formerly, for bedspreads, wall hangings, etc.

    • ‘Artist Andrew Daniel was inspired in his design by palampore tapestries.’
    • ‘Only the wealthiest classes could afford to buy palampore.’
    1. 1.1count noun A bedspread made from palampore.
      • ‘The tree of life design on the palampore in Plate VI, with branches blooming in an impossibly diverse and bizarre collection of flowers, is typical of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.’
      • ‘The term palampore appears very infrequently in these advertisements, but we know that many were imported into the colonies.’
      • ‘It is clear that the first American ship to sail to India came home with a cargo that included palampores.’
      • ‘Another late eighteenth-century palampore was generously donated recently.’
      • ‘These two palampores with an almost identical central palm tree and bamboo designs have very different borders, and date to the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century.’


Late 17th century: origin uncertain; perhaps from Portuguese palangapuz(es) plural, from Urdu, Persian palangpoš ‘bedcover’, or perhaps from Pālanpur, a town in Gujarat, India.