Definition of palaeopathologist in English:


(US paleopathologist)


  • See palaeopathology

    • ‘And in an attempt to make the dead speak, an international team of anthropologists, forensic scientists and paleopathologists trekked all the way up to the Roopkund Lake.’
    • ‘As project leader, Hawass is in charge of archaeologists, conservators, paleopathologists, epidemiologists, radiologists, and physicians from around the world.’
    • ‘Archaeologists and paleopathologists have yet to find ancient bones in Israel that give indications of ‘true’ leprosy.’
    • ‘Biblical scholars agree with medical historians, paleopathologists, and medical anthropologists that so-called ‘leprosy’ in the Bible is definitely not Hansen's disease.’
    • ‘The latest remains are being stored in York for when the paleopathologist returns from a trip to Germany.’