Definition of palaeoenvironment in English:


(US paleoenvironment)


  • An environment at a period in the geological past.

    • ‘The paleoenvironment probably represents an open marine, shallow shelf habitat.’
    • ‘By Early Permian time certain lagenides were adapted to cool water paleoenvironments, as evidenced by their occurrences in high paleolalitudes and even in glaciomarine basins.’
    • ‘The Sirius Group is a complex sedimentary deposit of different geological age and palaeoenvironments in different parts of Antarctica.’
    • ‘The paleoenvironment under which Burmese amber was produced was perhaps the warmest tropical climate of any Cretaceous amber forest, with a rich biotic diversity.’
    • ‘Two researchers studied the stratigraphy and paleoenvironments represented by the Silurian rocks of the Girvan district.’