Definition of palaeoclimate in English:


(US paleoclimate)


  • A climate prevalent at a particular time in the geological past.

    • ‘The palaeoclimates during coal accumulation must have been very humid and very warm.’
    • ‘The origin of the Brejos has been associated with humid paleoclimates established after the middle Tertiary, especially during interglacial phases of the Pleistocene.’
    • ‘They not only provide evidence for ancient vegetation and ecosystems, but also contain signals of palaeoclimates that are independent of evidence from other associated sediments and fossils.’
    • ‘The contradiction between the paleofauna and the uniformitarian paleoclimate is so great that one wonders why scientists do not question the uniformitarian paradigm.’
    • ‘Through analysis of the paleoclimate record as well as a number of climate model simulations, we also suggest that it is very unlikely that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning will cease to be active in the near future.’