Definition of palaeobotanist in English:


(US paleobotanist)


  • See palaeobotany

    • ‘There is some agreement that both living and extinct cycads were derived from seed ferns, but paleobotanists still debate exactly if, when, and how this happened.’
    • ‘Every paleobotanist working in the Cretaceous or Tertiary will want to have copies of these monographs available for reference.’
    • ‘But, without exception, the majority of paleobotanists and vertebrate paleontologists initially rejected these concepts.’
    • ‘The shape, pore arrangement, morphology and ultrastructure of sporodermata and exines have proved informative to palaeobotanists and in systematics.’
    • ‘The order has attracted much attention from traditional botanists, palaeobotanists and molecular systematists, because of its potential significance for understanding the phylogeny of seed plants.’