Definition of palaeobiology in English:


(US paleobiology)


mass noun
  • The biology of fossil animals and plants.

    • ‘The method of this work will facilitate studies of growth and forms of fossil molluscs in the framework of developmental paleobiology.’
    • ‘Studies of the preserved dung and animal remains are beginning to provide insight into large mammal paleobiology and community development during the Holocene.’
    • ‘Yet the majority of the book emphasizes dinosaur osteology, systematics, and the fossil record; paleobiology takes a back seat to this important foundation.’
    • ‘The most frustrating aspect of glossopterid paleobiology is that no one is really certain what these plants looked like.’
    • ‘Perhaps nowhere else in the literature is the integration between field stratigraphy, paleoecology, and paleobiology better illustrated than in this research.’