Definition of palaeoanthropological in English:


(US paleoanthropological)


  • See palaeoanthropology

    • ‘However, as anyone who is familiar with the palaeoanthropological literature over the last 20 years would know, the find has been of negligible significance to recent debate.’
    • ‘Now here, at last, was the first great British palaeoanthropological find.’
    • ‘Threaded through this vivid story of fieldwork, paleoanthropological politics, and on-the-spot war reportage is Kalb's nervy struggle simply to stay in the game.’
    • ‘The Turkana Basin is famous for its paleontological, paleoanthropological, and archeological records from both east and west of this large lake in the eastern part of the rift system.’
    • ‘The most notable paleoanthropological find in the country was ‘Lucy,’ a female Australopithicus afarensis discovered in 1974 and referred to as Dinqnesh by Ethiopians.’