Definition of Palaeo-Siberian in English:



  • Denoting or belonging to a group of languages spoken in eastern Siberia, formerly thought to constitute a phylum or superfamily. The most important is Chukchi.

    • ‘It is, thus, demonstrated that the ancient Korean ethnic group once belonged to the Paleo-Siberian group that originated from the Ural-Altaic linguistic family.’
    • ‘Ainu is said to belong either to a Paleo-Asiatic or a Paleo-Siberian group of languages.’
    • ‘Several small and ancient Paleo-Siberian groups live in Russia's extreme northeastern section of Siberia.’
    • ‘Whole language families that lie outside the Indo-European group are not even mentioned: Australian Aboriginal languages, Japanese-Korean, the Paleo-Siberian languages.’