Definition of pakora in English:



  • (in Indian cooking) a piece of vegetable or meat, coated in seasoned batter and deep-fried.

    • ‘There were about half-a-dozen other starters on offer, with the bite-size mushroom pakoras and onion bhajis being especially nice and not too greasy.’
    • ‘The starters we ordered, vegetable pakora and meat samosas, were excellent.’
    • ‘We learn now that trans-fats (vegetable-based oils heated to bubbling point) are deadly; so much for those pakoras and tempura vegetables.’
    • ‘Spinach pakora, tasty, battered and deep-fried, come in a basket, prefect for sharing.’
    • ‘On the sacked workers' picket lines curries, samosas, pakora and Indian sweets were available.’
    • ‘Also, the vegetable pakoras are vegetable-filled fritters bursting with subtle spices and irresistible as a savory doughnut must be.’
    • ‘Vegetable koftas from white gram, dahi vadas, pakoras of spinach, fenugreek and onions have all been made possible by them without the use of any cooking medium.’
    • ‘For Bengalis, Hilsa fish fried in mustard oil is the ultimate delight, and North Indians like their pakoras fried in it because of the unique taste and aroma.’
    • ‘The little dark-brown, doughnut-shaped fritters tasted a whole lot like Indian pakoras, and indeed came with a dish of raita for dipping.’
    • ‘It is also a popular flavouring for curries, pakora, kofta, fish, kachori (a kind of poori stuffed with dal), and in pickles.’


From Hindi pakoṛā, denoting a dish of vegetables in gram flour.