Definition of Pakeha Maori in English:

Pakeha Maori


  • A New Zealander of European descent who lives as a Maori.

    ‘they became Pakeha Maori, took Maori wives and were given Maori names’
    • ‘It's fascinating to read of a contemporary Pakeha Maori.’
    • ‘He took his version of the story from the lips of the old Pakeha-Maori himself.’
    • ‘These Europeans "jumped ship" and lived as Pakeha Maori and fell in love with a different way of life.’
    • ‘A property was purchased from a Pakeha Maori.’
    • ‘Maoris may attend Pakeha services and Pakeha Maori services.’
    • ‘Meanwhile many Pākehā Māori put clothes aside, and 'took up the mat'.’
    • ‘This is a pakeha-maori name given to the original estate.’
    • ‘The myths surrounding "Pakeha-Maori" Jack Marmon, who arrived in 1817 as a deserter, have been so picked over it is likely even Marmon's own version is not true in every detail.’
    • ‘The importance of trade in European goods - particularly muskets - made Pākehā Māori highly prized for their trading skills.’
    • ‘These are the ten most important events in New Zealand history according to general sample of Maori and Pakeha Maori.’


Mid 19th century: from Maori pakeha ‘foreigner’ + Maori.


Pakeha Maori

/ˌpɑːkɛhə ˈmaʊri/