Definition of pairing in English:



  • 1An arrangement or match resulting from forming people or things into pairs.

    ‘the dancers made a fine pairing’
    • ‘The point is well taken, but often the pairings seem linked by no more than chance similarities of design.’
    • ‘There are loads more possible pairings and scenarios, far too many to mention here.’
    • ‘Other pairings of seemingly identical prints prove more revealing of Morris's working process.’
    • ‘It's a foundation often used for wine pairing that serves other beverage pairings as well.’
    • ‘I will have to work my pairings in a way that everybody will have a chance to play in the first four rounds.’
    • ‘As to the rest I am prepared to let you chose the order and the pairings amongst yourselves.’
    • ‘Some of the most popular pairings pitted contrasting advantages and disadvantages against one another.’
    • ‘Embarked upon to encourage discourse between past and present, the idea throws up some interesting pairings.’
    • ‘The coverage used alternating pairings of commentators from around the world.’
    • ‘More inspired and unpredictable pairings came in a carpaccio of venison.’
    • ‘These pairings are not contradictory but complementary; they are aspects of the same overarching reality.’
    • ‘When new winter beers come in, pair them with menu items and promote pairings to your clientele.’
    • ‘This book follows these traditional pairings, devoting separate chapters to each pair.’
    • ‘The former two pairings provide one semi-final while the latter pairings provide the other semi-final.’
    • ‘Two weeks earlier Claudia had sent out the randomised pairings via e-mail and set the limit to £10 per gift.’
    • ‘Yet there's some musical pairings that are so bad they're good.’
    • ‘What happens to the relationship between aunt/uncle and nephew/niece pairings?’
    • ‘Then, in the same number of matches, the new ball was passed around 10 different pairings.’
    • ‘In other words, generational differences may have still occurred in these types of age pairings.’
    • ‘The waiter paired our entrées with special-entrée wine pairings.’
    marriage, betrothal, relationship, partnership, union, alliance, compact, contract, affiliation, combination
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    1. 1.1mass noun The action of pairing things or people.
      ‘the pairing of food and wine’
      • ‘In meiosis, the normal chromosome and the inverted chromosome will form a loop to allow pairing of specific DNA sequences.’
      • ‘This may have been due to pairing and exchange of homologous segments on homeologous chromosomes.’
      • ‘The pairings for the first round will be made by means of an open draw.’
      • ‘Father and son pairing of Mark and Matt Burrows helped Pocklington to a 6-3 home win over RI Thursday ‘B’ in Men's Two.’
      • ‘I felt somewhat outside of things - it definitely felt like there was a lot of coupling or pairing of conversations going on, and I felt like I wasn't really welcome in many of them.’
      • ‘In this way, nonnative pairings may be designed to have weaker interactions than native pairings.’
      • ‘They treated bivalent and multivalent pairings as two totally different meiotic processes.’
      • ‘Their relationship continues to be one of fashion's most successful pairings of designer and backer.’
      • ‘On top of that, at long last you see the pairings of Ripley and Jack Tripper onscreen, as well Eve and Lilith!’
      • ‘The game was becoming predictable, so Pardew introduced the unpredictable gifts of Teddy Sheringham alongside Zamora, indicating that the manager is still undecided about his ideal front pairing.’
      • ‘The goal of pairing food and wine is for the sum to be greater than the parts, to create a seamless integration of aroma and flavour.’
      • ‘Because translocations alter the normal patterns of chromosome pairing and recombination, this technique is useful only for placing genes to a chromosome arm.’
      • ‘During spore formation in the hybrid, normal pairing of chromosomes can take place, and the chromosomes can be distributed equally to the spores.’
      • ‘The winners' mid-field pairing of William Ryan and Bobby Daly were always to the fore, winning a lot of possession and using it well, the forwards supplied with good ball; the backs helped out also.’
      • ‘In this condition, all differences between frequent and infrequent pairings disappeared.’
      • ‘The husband wife pairing of Asha and Lord Burman gave us so many great songs in the 70s like Teesri Manzil, Chura Liya, etc.’
      • ‘Hard and fast rules of wine and food pairing may be a thing of the past, but a few basic matchmaking ‘do's’ make sense and serve only to enhance the dining experience.’
      • ‘Homage Playwright James Harkness has been developing this script in a joint project with Buddies in Bad Times and the Shaw Festival, and that pairing alone should make this of interest.’
      • ‘Their defeat owed much to the magnificent central midfield pairing of Scholes and Nicky Butt, who were the heart of the side.’
      • ‘The how-to's of successful pairing of beer with food while driving sales were uncovered in a workshop hosted by beer expert and Cheers columnist Stephen Beaumont.’