Definition of paired in English:



  • Occurring in pairs or as a pair:

    ‘a characteristic arrangement of paired fins’
    • ‘Then the homologs synapse and the synaptonemal complex forms between the paired chromosomes.’
    • ‘The immediate flaw is that these strictly paired couples do not intercopulate, and so cannot bear offspring.’
    • ‘The bell tower is pointed with four miniature spires and the paired Corinthian columns and the flanking pilasters on either side of the altar are a distinctive feature.’
    • ‘We used the secondary structure as a reference to identify paired bases in all sequences in the alignments.’
    • ‘We have investigated this a number of times by having students learn lists of rare French-English pairs of words using a paired associates learning paradigm.’
    • ‘First, the paired students learn their respective positions; then, each pair presents its position.’
    • ‘The paired fins of the Australian lungfish, Neoceratodus forsteri (another living fossil), are similar to those of Latimeria.’
    • ‘So it doesn't matter if you picked a different list today so long as the companies met that test and you did rigorous paired comparisons.’
    • ‘The result is a series of paired articles, each pair consisting of an African example drawn from a settler territory and a counterpart centered on the U.S. or the Caribbean.’
    • ‘Second, key morphological transitions, such as the purported change from paired fins to limbs with digits, remain undocumented by fossils.’
    • ‘For comparison of paired data within the study groups, the Wilcoxon signed rank test was used for the individual comparisons.’
    • ‘The behavior ratings for each patient were averaged for each 3 month period and compared by a paired rank-sum test.’
    • ‘The opening chapter of the Dhammapada, a text composed entirely in verse, contains a collection of paired stanzas; each pair is meant to be taken together.’
    • ‘A method of paired comparison is adapted for use in estimating economic measures of value.’
    • ‘The condition arises when the paired frontalis muscles lose tone in response to gravity and downward descent of the brow ensues.’
    • ‘The paired vaults in the south-western side of the site probably date to the fifteenth century.’
    • ‘Individual animals were identified by looking at paired photos to detect particular features or marks and by comparing them with photos from other locations and dates.’
    • ‘This system provides a means of conducting a paired comparison of positive selection and evolutionary rates for homologous genes in both species groups.’
    • ‘The male loudsong is a loud series of paired couplets, all notes having a distinctly twangy quality.’
    • ‘Plots were treated independently rather than as paired samples because the terrain was sufficiently rugged so pairs were not well matched with respect to plot aspect or slope.’
    corresponding, equivalent, parallel, analogous, coordinating, complementing, complementary, harmonizing, blending, toning, harmonious, the same, paired, twin, coupled, double, duplicate, identical, like, like peas in a pod, like two peas in a pod, alike, comparable, similar, correlative, congruent, tallying, agreeing, concordant, consonant
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