Definition of painty in English:



  • See paint

    • ‘He held out his painty hands as though a cat's cradle was strung up between them.’
    • ‘Paint the back and sides of your specimen first, using the colors very thin (use transparent oil paint), so that the fish will not have a "painty" appearance; next put the ground color on the belly and blend it with that of the back and sides.’
    • ‘When I got back, the paint was dry, so I got on with the second coat and ended up almost as painty as I had been before I went to the gym.’
    • ‘After painting this room, the decorators decided to tip their buckets of painty, murky water down a sink by the wall.’
    • ‘A $1 bill and the fragments of a 810 note have been pasted on canvas, covered by a thin scumble of paint, and further manipulated to give it a painty appearance.’