Definition of painterliness in English:



  • See painterly

    • ‘In their painterliness, they seem the antithesis of photorealism.’
    • ‘It is this literal lack of resolution, a mechanized painterliness which leaves a great deal to the imagination and loads the photographs with abstraction, that makes the images so compelling.’
    • ‘In the plaster couple the painterliness of facture is accentuated by applied highlights of color, while in the bronzes the verdant patina emphasizes the work's mass over its flickering surface.’
    • ‘Here, Downes's painterliness has sprouted where it could have been least anticipated: surrounded by a Minimalist's monument to the absolute.’
    • ‘We always seem to be digging through the layers of Taaffe's paintings for new meanings, here evidenced by a new looseness and painterliness.’
    • ‘Luscious and rich, the very painterliness of the paint imbues the canvasses with a powerful visual impact that transcends the ordinary.’
    • ‘The combination of expressive painterliness and deft realism characteristic of Sargent's painting was admired internationally and imitated by many lesser artists.’
    • ‘We follow his learning process through the early 1600s and by 1612 are left in no doubt that he has assumed the mantle of Titian as a model of painterliness and acuity.’
    • ‘These are works that celebrate paint and painterliness, with abstract expressionist style.’
    • ‘This encouraged a dramatic painterliness in many artists - such as Delacroix and Turner - and made it into a precursor of modernism in this as in many other aspects.’
    • ‘The gentle hunger, the fresh rite, the sensation, the facticity of tabletop dining are all captured with both precision and painterliness through a photographic preparatory stage.’
    • ‘Pop's brashness, its refusal of painterliness, its scale and its willingness to work with even the most degraded elements of consumer culture all found a responsive echo in his subsequent painting.’
    • ‘Fidelity to plausible appearances receives a relatively low priority, but the painterliness of some areas of this work signals another system of knowledge high in Eakins's hierarchy: the art of painting.’
    • ‘The painterliness of its atmospheric and textural effects suggests that Donatello not merely had painters in mind but was determined to outdo them.’
    • ‘Here, a restrained painterliness vies with a softened geometry and an intimation of space.’
    • ‘By mid-decade he had begun to mix his Pop-style image of painterliness with streaks of pigment laid on with a brush.’
    • ‘Lipsky's hand-painted edges and the sweet smell of oil paint that had subtly impregnated the gallery were the only echoes of Guston's painterliness.’
    • ‘I luxuriated in the sheer painterliness of the canvases as I was simultaneously entranced by the drama of the emotional changes they charted.’