Definition of painted lady in English:

painted lady

nounPlural painted ladies, Plural Painted Ladies

  • 1A migratory butterfly with predominantly orange-brown wings and darker markings.

    Genus Cynthia, subfamily Nymphalinae, family Nymphalidae: the widely distributed C. cardui, with black-and-white markings, and the American painted lady (C. virginiensis), with markings resembling eyes on the undersides of the wings

    • ‘All the way we were accompanied by electric blue and emerald green damsel flies and along the banks we spotted red admirals, painted ladies, peacocks, and mere common butterflies.’
    • ‘Alfalfa butterflies, painted ladies, woolly bears and various other species have been abundant all summer.’
    • ‘A painted lady feeds on the nutrient-rich carcass of a swift fox in western South Dakota.’
    • ‘And I can see monarchs, painted ladies, tiger swallowtails, and listen to the songbirds.’
    • ‘She was lying in the dust beneath a white buddleia, staring straight ahead, sniffing at red admirals and painted ladies as they fluttered past.’
  • 2South African A gladiolus.

    ‘the painted ladies have white or pink trumpet-shaped flowers’
    • ‘Gladiolus carneus or "Painted lady" grows to 1m tall.’
    • ‘While long-tubed painted lady has been long in cultivation, it is still rare.’
  • 3(in the US, especially San Francisco) a house from the late 19th or early 20th century whose exterior is decorated with three or more colours of paint highlighting its ornate architectural features.