Definition of paint tray in English:

paint tray


  • A tray used to hold paint for decorating with a paint roller, typically having a well and a ridged slope with which to spread paint evenly over the roller.

    ‘pour leftover paint from the paint tray into the can’
    • ‘Once you've done the edges, don't wait for them to dry—pick up a roller straight away, dip it in the paint tray and begin applying the stain along the floorboards.’
    • ‘Pour the glue into the paint tray and apply to the back of the wallpaper with the paint roller, one strip at a time.’
    • ‘That pricey solvent-resistant roller can be used year after year, because the paint will immediately soften the hairs on the roller when you dip it into the paint tray.’
    • ‘Getting your paint trays clear of residual paint can be an arduous job.’
    • ‘Pour glaze into a paint tray and saturate the roller cover, but do not overload.’
    • ‘As much as you love having your little sweeties around, and well-behaved as they might be, a room with paint trays and wet walls is no place for animals.’
    • ‘Each time you refill the paint tray, first stir the paint in the can.’
    • ‘When taking a break from painting, slide the paint tray (with brushes, rollers still in it) into a pastic bag and tie the bag closed.’
    • ‘We'll save loads of money, which was the clincher in convincing Kylie to roll up her sleeves and dip a roller into a paint tray for the first time.’
    • ‘If you have a bigger paint tray, you'll spend less time filling it up.’