Definition of paint spray in English:

paint spray


  • A device for spraying paint on to a surface.

    ‘the law banned the sale of aerosol paint sprays to children’
    • ‘The foundation reminds people to be careful when using aerosol cleaners, bug sprays, paint sprays, beauty salon mixtures, and other chemicals.’
    • ‘The ref produced his FIFA-issue paint spray to mark 10 yards but the player still failed to score.’
    • ‘The solution would be to treat paint spray cans as a serious anti-social and criminal weapon on a par with firearms, and simply ban the retail sale of such items to members of the public of any age, so they are available only to businesses.’
    • ‘It was paint spray in their possession that triggered doubt in the minds of cops.’
    • ‘The paint spray process is entirely manual, for maximum paint color flexibility.’
    • ‘Paint spray booths provide a perfect environment to paint a wide variety of things such as cars, aeroplanes, and the likes.’
    • ‘The company operated as many as five paint spray booths.’
    • ‘They argued that they were as skilled as male paint spray operators and wanted to be classed at the same level.’
    • ‘Business premises were targeted with paint-spray, as were phone boxes, bins, summer benches, and trees.’
    • ‘The paint sprays did not match.’