Definition of paint shop in English:

paint shop


  • The part of a factory where goods are painted, typically by spraying.

    • ‘The engines and bodies of the new car are being delivered complete to Goodwood, where the cars are painted in a state-of-the-art paint shop and assembled by a workforce of 350.’
    • ‘The paint shop, too, is fully automated; there is no hand-spraying performed.’
    • ‘‘Take something natural that you like the colour of - the avocado in your fruit bowl or double cream from the supermarket - and take it into the paint shop with you,’ says Farrell.’
    • ‘With paint shops remaining the most expensive part of a plant, painting and coatings companies are developing ways to eliminate the paint shop or at least lessen the need for them.’
    • ‘In all, there are eight major shop buildings left in the complex, including a car shop, blacksmith shop, a three-story toilet, a car shop machine annex, a paint shop and a planing mill.’
    • ‘Since the sedan has been in production, there has been the addition of a new paint shop and the assembly area has been expanded to accommodate the production of the variant version.’
    • ‘Molded-in-color plastics are moving closer to production - and to eliminating the paint shop from assembly plants.’
    • ‘One of the most expensive departments in a car plant is the paint shop, so DeLorean saved the money and pretended that the brushed stainless steel finish was a style feature.’
    • ‘One of the key benefits cited in switching to this two-stage process is that each convertible emerges from the paint shop with the same corrosion protection as a coupe.’
    • ‘For those who are more pragmatic, he points out that the possibility of having an assembly plant without a paint shop - which can cost about a third of the total tab - can be a real benefit.’
    • ‘The £10m 10,000 sq ft factory has engineering, production, testing, a paint shop, logistics, distribution, customer services and sales and marketing all under one roof.’
    • ‘It follows the car's unique barcode being scanned as its passes from the paint shop to the assembly hall and the relevant information being sent to each company in the supplier park.’
    • ‘The tornado struck the factory's paint shop, body shop and powerhouse.’
    • ‘A development in the main paint shop is a new automatic storage facility - ‘a pick and place store’ - for painted bodies.’
    • ‘Once the cars have left the weld shop they are moved into the paint shop.’
    • ‘He visited Kennet House, the brewery's wine and spirits warehouse in Northgate Street and also the paint shop where the brewery creates its award-winning pub signs.’
    • ‘The paint shop is also being expanded with the dip tanks for pre-treating the bodies being enlarged and equipment for a new wax process being installed.’
    • ‘The paint shop has four new spray booths and can deliver a water-based topcoat to reduce solvent emissions.’
    • ‘The body shop and the paint shop are connected by an 80-in long bridge.’
    • ‘When the doors have been fitted, it then makes its way to the new paint shop that operates on batch sizes of one so it can handle every shape, size and colour of vehicle on a single track.’