Definition of paint pot in English:

paint pot


  • A small container for holding paint.

    ‘his brushes stand in their battered paint pot’
    • ‘It looks as if someone has taken a paint pot and splashed colours all over the bottom of the sea.’
    • ‘They gather for work in a converted garage, with a wildly paved floor and a clutter of paint pots dribbling gaudy colors.’
    • ‘Pencils, crayons, and paint pots aren't just for kids.’
    • ‘I used it more as an ink well, or a paint pot that I would dip into.’
    • ‘The still-life artist took lovely photos of his brushes standing in their battered paint pot.’
    • ‘Mike, who was a contemporary student, did the painting while I held the paint pot.’
    • ‘It's not wise to make sudden dashes across a crowded kitchen full of paint pots and PVA glue bottles.’
    • ‘The plastic yogurt containers that are not recyclable are reused in my classroom for paint pots.’
    • ‘There's no furniture in any of the rooms, but there are paint pots, brushes, and cloths at the bottom of the stairs.’
    • ‘Her focal points are renderings of paintbrushes and paint pots.’